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Keep it Simple.

training theories and ideas. Part 1

I am not the stiff academic science head, nor the “do what I’ve done” because I’ve performed at a high level in my past. I believe training to be simple. Quit attempting to re-invent the wheel, and stay near and dear to the principles. They haven’t changed since the foundations of the world.

These principles of movement, energy, and force are responsible for every elite athlete, and reveal the deficiencies of every mediocre athlete. These principles are the foundation, the most important structure within an athlete. Before the dominate ball player, there was a dominant athlete. What makes a great tennis player, is first a great athlete who exhibits great examples of principles at play.

With a proper foundation in place, training becomes creative and expressive, not overly complicated science research or instagram circus footwork. Principles when thoroughly understood, are administered in a unique way via the authenticity of the trainer.

Put stress on the body and give the body rest; boom super-compensation. Rinse and repeat until the body has adapted to the stimulus. Now create a new stimulus, introduce it to the athlete, and give the body rest: boom, super-compensation has occurred again.

Athletes play a given sport. I try not to lose sight of that. As much as I want my guys to get bigger faster stronger, it never becomes greater than their ability to perform in their sport. I do not care how much you squat bench and deadlift, can you score touchdowns? I do not care how fast you can run, can you get past a defender? I do not care how lean you are, will you lead your team to victory in the final minutes?

Ive been guilty in the past, obsessing over my athletes’ measurables, losing sight of their sport performance. They don’t wear a jersey for me, and neither do they for you. Let’s not forget that.

Another thing, there’s absolutely no reason for overcomplicating things. Change the load, change the intensity, change the volume, change the rest to work ratios, change the plane, change the angle, change the tempo, change the exercise. Just be consistent. That is the greatest component of a successful training program, consistency.

For those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, you understand.

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